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Hiro Tsukui
Language : Japanese / English
美容室SHIMAに10年間勤務後、 1993年 渡仏。フランス人ヘアースタイリストOdile Gilbert(オディール ジルベール)に師事する
1999年 独立し、パリのマネジメントオフィス  L‘atelier68(アトリエ68)  に所属する
2003年 東京のマネジメントオフィスImageとパリのマネジメントオフィスL‘atelier68で活動する
2012年 自身が代表として、マネジメントオフィス Perle-management  を設立する

ヘアサロン PerleSalon(ペールサロン)   東京都目黒区駒場1-3-4 Tel:080-3354-5670まで、お気軽にお問い合わせください

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Born and raised in Japan, Hiro grew up observing his mother’s work as a salon hairdresser from a very young age. After graduating high school, he dedicated himself to enhancing his skills at the Takayama Beauty Institute in Tokyo.

Following a decade of service at the nationally recognized ” SHIMA ” hair salon in Tokyo and captivated by the world of fashion inspired by France, he decided to spread his wings in Paris to learn deeper into the “Art of Hairstyling” and embarked on a career as
a Studio Hairdresser.

In 1993, a chance encounter marked a significant turning point in his career. Like a beam of light in the dark alleys of Paris, he crossed paths with Odile Gilbert , one of the eminent French studio hairdressers. He collaborated with her for 3 years as an assistant, allowing him to acquire new skills while working alongside renowned photographers such as Richard Avedon , Peter Lindbergh , Paolo Roversi , Patrick Demarchelier , Mario Testino , Dominique Isserman , as well as prominent stylists and designers of his time, including Dior , Chanel , Karl Lagerfeld , Jean Paul Gaultier , Christian Lacroix, John Galliano and Hermès (under contracts with Jean Paul Gaultier and Martia Margiela).

After these enriching three years, he started his own career as a Studio Hairdresser in Paris, collaborating with photographers such as Jean Baptiste Mondino , Roxanne Lowitt , Karl Lagerfeld , Ellen Von Unwerth.

Subsequently, he continued to collaborate with Odile Gilbert as an assistant worldwide, passing through Paris, Milan, and New York, working on ready to wear and haute couture fashion shows while serving as a ” Key Hair Stylist”.

Recognized for his precision and keen eye, photographers, stylists, and even artistic directors have lauded his talent and his ability to envision beyond the bounds of possibility. He possesses the knack for blending “personality” with “trend” to achieve a smooth fusion.

In 2012, Hiro established his first agency in Tokyo, named ” Perle Management .” Dedicated to hairstyling, makeup, and photography, he works with and manages young creators and artists.
He also made significant contributions to various magazines like” Vogue Japan ,” ELLE ,” SPUR ,” FIGARO ,” Casa Brutus ,” GQ ,” and UOMO .” He actively participates in crafting advertising campaigns and launched his own hair salon, Perle Palette

Consequently, he gained immense trust and recognition from numerous renowned actors and models.

In October 2020, he collaborated with LANVIN and the Italian textile brand “Alcantara“ for a fashion show directed by Takahashi Yukihiro , also a member of the techno music group “YMO”.

Today, he resides in both Paris and Tokyo with his wife and his two children while working between these two global cities.